Ford F-150 Packed with Powerful Performance Features

Why is the Ford F-150 considered to be a popular pickup truck? Check out some of the performance features that have truck enthusiasts excited about the new truck.

The one thing about the Ford F-150 that drivers are raving about this year is the selection of motors available in this one truck. There aren't only one or two engines to choose from, drivers can select from one of six powerful engines, and that even includes a diesel engine. Depending on your hauling needs, there will certainly be a motor to match the Ford F-150.

Another unique feature in the Ford F-150 is the Auto Start-Stop Technology. The way that this works is simple: each time the truck comes to a stop, the engine turns off until the brake is released, saving countless gallons of gas.

Take a ride to Camelback Ford and get behind the wheel of the Ford F-150 with a test drive today.



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