2019 Ford F-150 Power Stroke Diesel Fuel Efficiency

No one expects to hear the words “30 miles per gallon” being used to describe the fuel-efficiency of a full-sized pickup truck. Even though no one expects these words to be used, they do apply to one full-sized truck on the market today. The new Ford F-150 power stroke diesel engine can help a truck owner get the fuel efficiency of a smaller mid-sized car. Sadly, a user cannot get this fuel efficiency with a decency with a gasoline engine yet. Ford engineers continue to work on this problem.

Truck owners may wonder about the performance of the F-150 power stroke diesel engine. Greater fuel efficiency does not cause the truck to suffer from poor performance. Contractors and farmers who need to haul things long distances can count on the vehicle’s reliability. As with all other trucks made by the company, the F-150 power stroke diesel is built Ford tough.



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