The Ford Super Duty - A Tough Truck That Can Take You Anywhere

At Camelback Ford, we have plenty to show you if you're looking for a sturdy vehicle. The Super Duty is the toughest truck that we have in our line-up, thanks to its military-grade, aluminum-alloy body and fully boxed steel frame.

In addition, it has the brakes to make it a safe ride. In fact, the F-450 Super Duty has the largest anti-lock brake routers in its class. These brakes can give you the stopping power you need whether you're carrying a full crew and a heavy load or it's just you.

The Super Duty has been thoroughly tested to make sure it can live up to our customers' expectations. It's gone through test drives in temperatures ranging from negative 20 to over 100 degrees, and everything from gravel, dust, brine, and mud has been thrown at it. Through it all, it's stood strong.



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