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Preview the 2022 Ford Maverick

Ford Marverick  

Ford is answering calls to develop a new small pickup truck, which may go by the name Maverick. A few months back, the automaker released production data to investors, which disclosed that they were producing a “C-Pick Up.” Data revealed that 21 of the models were made, which are likely testing prototypes.

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable

Family in a Car

It's a great feeling when you know that you can count on your car, truck, or SUV to be there for you when you need it. Nothing is worse than needing to get to work, or to run an errand, only to find that your vehicle is down for the count. Dependability is one of the many reasons drivers choose to purchase or lease a new Ford.

No matter which brand you buy, there are steps you'll need to take to keep your vehicle in shape for when you need it. The service center at our Ford dealership…

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Why You Shouldn't Drive Around With A Chipped Windshield

Ocean Windshield Waves

Driving with a chipped windshield may not seem particularly dangerous at first, but the truth is that a damaged windshield might be weakened and thus provide less protection in the case of an accident. The other issue is, depending on where the crack is located, potentially reduced visibility. Read on about why fixing a chipped windshield can benefit you.

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