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Why Ford Co-Pilot360 Continues to Amaze

2020 Ford Explorer Co-Pilot360  

Without a doubt, Ford manufacturers are at the forefront of introducing impressive technologies. The latest inventory incorporates technologies that instill safety and confidence when driving. The Ford Co-Pilot360 technology has multiple driver-assist innovations that include lane-keep assistance, blind-spot detector, auto high beam lighting, and a rearview camera. With these features, you can enjoy driving without being anxious about safety threats on the highway.

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable

Family in a Car

It's a great feeling when you know that you can count on your car, truck, or SUV to be there for you when you need it. Nothing is worse than needing to get to work, or to run an errand, only to find that your vehicle is down for the count. Dependability is one of the many reasons drivers choose to purchase or lease a new Ford.

No matter which brand you buy, there are steps you'll need to take to keep your vehicle in shape for when you need it. The service center at our Ford dealership…

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When Do You Need to Change Power Steering Fluid?

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is vital for the components that control your vehicle’s power steering. This is a specialized fluid that is formulated in a different way than the other fluids in your vehicle, so you must buy the right type of power steering fluid to fill the dispenser or to change the fluid completely. In the past, older vehicles had manual steering, which made steering much harder. While power steering technology makes it easier to steer, the mechanisms in the power steering wheel system require lubrication.

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Why You Shouldn't Drive Around With A Chipped Windshield

Ocean Windshield Waves

Driving with a chipped windshield may not seem particularly dangerous at first, but the truth is that a damaged windshield might be weakened and thus provide less protection in the case of an accident. The other issue is, depending on where the crack is located, potentially reduced visibility. Read on about why fixing a chipped windshield can benefit you.

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Should I Buy a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan?

Ford Extended Service

If you've been thinking about investing in an extended service plan, there are a few things you need to know. A Ford Protect Extended Service Plan offers you additional protection and coverage for your vehicle. Each plan is 100% backed by The Ford Motor Company to ensure you get the care and the service you deserve.

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Informative Off-Roading Tips for Beginners

Although you might be eager to take your vehicle to the most challenging off-road locations, you may want to reconsider and follow these informative beginner off-roading tips first.

The best thing you can do as you start your journey to off-roading is to connect with others who have more experience. Join a local off-road club, and hit the trails with them to gain experience. One huge benefit of being in the woods with your fellow club members is you always have someone close enough to help pull you out of trouble or help with injuries you may have sustained. 

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Are Towing Capacity And Maximum Payload The Same Thing?

One of the most important parts about being a truck owner is being informed about both the way it works as well as the terminology surrounding it. If either are misunderstood, you risk causing serious damage to a major investment. That is why our team here at Camelback Ford want to be sure you understand the difference between the maximum towing capacity and the maximum payload of your truck.

The towing capacity has to do with the amount of weight any truck can pull. This weight of course changes, depending on the slope the truck drives up or down. 

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What to Do During & After a Hit and Run Accident

While we hope no one has to experience this, hit and run accidents do occur and it’s important to know what to do if you’re ever involved in this type of accident.

There are two primary types of hit and runs – the first in which an unattended vehicle (in a parking lot for example) is hit by another car and the second in which a vehicle is occupied when it is hit; in both cases the assailant knowingly flees the scene without leaving their information.


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