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Who do you turn to when you need to replace your parts when something happens to your vehicle? Do you trust your local auto shop? Do you go directly to a Ford dealership in the Phoenix area with extensive experience replacing parts with factory manufactured parts? Our Dealership takes tremendous pride in getting repairs and replacements right the first time.

Our Dealership believes the OEM parts offer way more value to our customers. We want each Ford to leave our service department in the best condition possible. You could have a variety of parts that need to be replaced. It can be your headlights, mirrors, or steering wheel. Maybe you need parts in your engine, suspension, or brakes replaced. It could be your front or rear bumper. It could be something to do with your drive train. OEM parts are available for most situations when a replacement is needed.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts?

An OEM part is typically made of better material and built to last. The manufacturer understands the specifications of the individual vehicle and builds the part accordingly. An aftermarket part manufacturer may mass-produce a part for several models. This means you might not get the exact fit. You might also have a part that is built with substandard materials.

Higher Quality Parts

Our dealership believes quality is a crucial part of the entire Ford experience. We know the OEM parts are built to stand the test of time. They are well made and designed as a perfect replica of the original. An aftermarket part might be a combination of several different designs. Quality means more when your parts last longer.

Better Support with OEM Parts

OEM Brakes and Parts

The great news about most vehicle warranties is they often require you to replace parts with OEM parts. The even better news is that most OEM parts come with their own individual warranty. An aftermarket part might not come with a warranty at all. Our dealership wants to provide support to everyone who uses our service department. That's why we use the best parts available. We know you love your Ford and want to get the most from your vehicle.

Will it Fit My Vehicle?

Easy Brake Installations

Another great benefit of the OEM part is the proper fit and ease of replacement. This means less time in the shop for repairs. Our professionally trained technicians know these parts are designed to fit perfectly. It doesn't take the maneuvering you would expect from some aftermarket parts.

You can visit our dealership service department today for more information on OEM parts. We will be glad to walk you through any replacement or help provide you with an estimate of how much it might cost. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution for your replacement needs.


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