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2018 Ford Fiesta Smart Features Rule The Road With Brains Over Brawn

As popular as the 2018 Ford Fiesta is among families looking for a universally appealing, versatile subcompact car, we were inspired to design our most forward-thinking package of smart features yet. For starters, MyKey establishes personalized driver requirements or feature restrictions you set individually to guarantee anyone behind the wheel operates your vehicle safely and responsibly. Mute the audio system indefinitely. Make sure the Belt-Minder warning chime sounds until every occupant has buckled up. You can even set an unconditionally enforced maximum...
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Head Out on an Adventure in a Ford Explorer

You want your SUV to be able to keep up with you and take you wherever you want to go. The Ford Explorer can live up to your expectations, and it has ample interior space with there rows for passengers.

With an Explorer, you can even haul a boat, ATV, or other gear behind you. You can rest assured knowing you can tow a trailer safely since the vehicle comes with a sway control system. This ensures that your SUV will brake and/or adjust its power so you can stay in control of your load...

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The Ford Escape 2018 Impresses In Every Aspect Of its Interior

The Ford Escape 2018 is an exceptional example of a compact SUV. The brand has been a leading example of how to things correctly in the space for years now, and the 2018 model is no exception. Stacked with a number of excellent features, especially in regards to its interior, the Ford Escape 2018 impresses in just about every aspect. Below, we have listed two of our favorite interior options available with the vehicle.

First, the electric brakes included with the Escape, while a more technical benefit on the surface, add a lot to the car's interior aesthetic. Modern…
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Should I Buy a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan?

Ford Extended Service

If you've been thinking about investing in an extended service plan, there are a few things you need to know. A Ford Protect Extended Service Plan offers you additional protection and coverage for your vehicle. Each plan is 100% backed by The Ford Motor Company to ensure you get the care and the service you deserve.

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The 2018 Ford EcoSport's Style is Unstoppable

Looking good is important to many SUV buyers, and Ford made sure to impress them with the unstoppable style of the 2018 EcoSport. When you get behind the wheel of this edition of the EcoSport, you know you're driving the good life.

The EcoSport comes in SE, SES, and Titanium trims to choose from depending on the performance and perks you're looking for. All three come with LED lighting and halogen headlamps to keep your driving experience well lit. They also come with a power moonroof that'll let in the sun, and the swing-out rear gate adds…

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Come Drive Away In A Ford C-Max

Phoenix drivers can't stop talking about the 2018 Ford C-Max. The Ford C-Max is a popular compact hybrid vehicle. The 2018 lineup has superior interior features and a sleek, modern look like you've never seen in a hybrid car before.

With an impressive cargo space, you have room to fit just about anything you want to take with you in the C-Max. You'll never have to worry again about fitting something in your car that's too big, with split-row folding seats and floor compartments.

Worried about driving in the cold? The 2018 Ford C-Max features heated…
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Informative Off-Roading Tips for Beginners

Although you might be eager to take your vehicle to the most challenging off-road locations, you may want to reconsider and follow these informative beginner off-roading tips first.

The best thing you can do as you start your journey to off-roading is to connect with others who have more experience. Join a local off-road club, and hit the trails with them to gain experience. One huge benefit of being in the woods with your fellow club members is you always have someone close enough to help pull you out of trouble or help with injuries you may have sustained. 

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Are Towing Capacity And Maximum Payload The Same Thing?

One of the most important parts about being a truck owner is being informed about both the way it works as well as the terminology surrounding it. If either are misunderstood, you risk causing serious damage to a major investment. That is why our team here at Camelback Ford want to be sure you understand the difference between the maximum towing capacity and the maximum payload of your truck.

The towing capacity has to do with the amount of weight any truck can pull. This weight of course changes, depending on the slope the truck drives up or down. 

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Ford F-150 Packed with Powerful Performance Features

Why is the Ford F-150 considered to be a popular pickup truck? Check out some of the performance features that have truck enthusiasts excited about the new truck.

The one thing about the Ford F-150 that drivers are raving about this year is the selection of motors available in this one truck. There aren't only one or two engines to choose from, drivers can select from one of six powerful engines, and that even includes a diesel engine. Depending on your hauling needs, there will certainly be a motor to match the Ford F-150. 

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Ford Edge Capability Features to Get You Excited About the Journey

Every year more and more people purchase SUVs. They’re popular vehicles because they offer power, great performance, extra cargo space and many capability features. This is definitely the case with the Ford Edge. The Ford Edge is popular SUV for the above reasons and much more. Stop at Camelback Ford and take a look at the 2018 Ford Edge.

The Ford Edge has may great capability features. If towing is your purpose in buying an SUV, you’re getting your money’s worth with the Edge Trailer Tow Package, which includes sway control. 

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