Protect Your Vehicle With Our Premium Paint & Fluid Product

A car is one of life's significant investments, and it only makes sense to take care of it. By doing so, you will help maintain the daily performance and also uphold its value. The key is regular maintenance.

It can be challenging to choose the right maintenance products for your car. We're proud to offer ZAK products that are geared to help you maintain optimal performance with your vehicle. Let's take a closer look at these proven products.

Benefits of ZAK Protection

ZAK products offer a full line of fluids for different systems in your vehicle. You can use ZAK fluids to support a car's brakes, transmission, power steering, and battery. Fluids are also available for automotive HVAC and cooling systems. You'll find all of these formulations in our collection of ZAK products.

It doesn't stop there. ZAK is also the creator of products for the exterior of your car. These products help to keep your car looking great. Maximum Tire Shine and Maximum Suds Car Wash are just two exterior products you will love. You can also keep lighting systems functioning at a high level with the Headlight Restoration Kit.

When it comes to the maximum level of protection for your vehicle, the ZAK Ultimate Appearance Protection Package has everything you need to help protect the exterior of your car or truck. This unique formula helps to combat all the elements that can dull the shine of your car's paint job. Detergent, salt, bug residue, and bird droppings are no match for ZAK. This proprietary formulation helps with oxidation, tree sap, and industrial pollution. You won't have to worry about those unattractive water spots when you invest in ZAK formulas. There is even a version for vehicle interiors.

ZAK Fluids

What Makes ZAK Products Different?

The secret to the success of ZAK products is the premium ingredients in each formula. These ingredients are exceptional at cleaning and lubricating various systems in your car. A single bottle of ZAK may cost a little more than some other products, but the value is in how long these treatments last. You'll use less product to achieve better results. That means fewer repairs and costly breakdowns.

ZAK Products Available at Camelback Ford

At Camelback Ford, we want to make it easy for you to switch to ZAK products. We invite you to contact us online or visit us here in beautiful Phoenix, where you can learn more about the advantages of ZAK.

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