Ford Engine Not Working

It can be challenging to know what the issue is if your engine won't start when you need to head to a specific destination. In most cases, the engine likely isn't the issue, but another factor may be the issue. If you want to know why your car isn't starting, there are a few common culprits to consider.

Ignition Issues

The ignition in your car can fail to start it even if the battery seems to be working correctly. Ignition issues are easy to diagnose when you take the vehicle to a professional technician and inspect it. Replacing the part typically resolves the problem.

Faulty Starter

If your starter is damaged or has suffered from wear, it can prevent the engine from turning on when you start the ignition. This will prevent the engine from cranking correctly and won't allow the car to start moving. One of the most common signs that your starter is causing problems is if it makes a clicking noise when you try to start the car.

Dead Battery

Batteries die after four to six years and can prevent the car from having the power it needs to operate. The battery can also die prematurely if you leave a light on in the cabin or if your headlights are left on for too long. A dead battery is easy to replace and will restore the reliability of your vehicle.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Fuel filters are often neglected and can become clogged over time. If you don't replace it after 20,000 to 30,000 miles, it won't allow auto fluids to flow properly. Take your car to a technician to determine if this is the reason your engine won't start to ensure they can replace it. You'll also need to read your owner's manual to determine what the manufacturer recommends when it comes to how frequently you have to replace the filter.

No Fuel

Ask yourself when the last time you filled up the gas tank was to determine if this is why your car won't start. Your gas indicator may also begin to malfunction as the vehicle gets older. Refilling the tank will allow your engine to start again. Take the car to a technician to ensure the gas indicator light is operating correctly to prevent the issue from occurring in the future.

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