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If you allow your engine to overheat, this can result in some pretty complicated and expensive repairs. Because of this, you must bring your vehicle in to see one of our technicians as soon as you notice a problem. Overheating can sometimes occur out of nowhere and be serious, whereas some overheating issues will come and go for a little bit before they start to cause damage. We will inspect the following points on your vehicle to diagnose the problem.

The Cooling System

A cooling system in a vehicle comprises many moving parts, along with coolant fluid that runs through your engine to keep everything regulated from a temperature standpoint. You may have low fluid levels contributing to your engine overheating, but this may be because of a hole somewhere in the lines.

The Water Pump

Water runs through this system to aid in the process of cooling your engine. The water pressure is used to promote a good coolant flow, so any drop in this pressure can lead to your engine getting too hot. You can also develop rust and corrosion on your water pump that will hamper its effectiveness.

The Radiator

A radiator works as a heat exchanger for your engine. As hot coolant is being pushed through, the fans inside of the radiator will cool everything off. These fans can break down, the internal components can become damaged, and many other repairs may be needed over time.

Thermostat and Internal Valves

The thermostat in your vehicle will adjust itself based on the temperatures that it senses from the engine. Coolant will pass through a valve during this process that opens and closes. When this valve is malfunctioning, this prevents proper cooling.

Internal Belts and Hoses

The various internal hoses and belts in your engine are typically made of thin materials like plastic and rubber. These materials are prone to wearing down over time, resulting in them breaking apart or splitting in areas. This can cause overheating to occur in your engine.

Let us here at Camelback Ford know if you have been experiencing an overheating engine while driving. This is an issue that we take very seriously, and we would like to inspect your vehicle before the problem gets worse. This will end up saving you a lot of time and money on repairs at our dealership.


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