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Regular maintenance is optional but highly recommended. However, not maintaining your car is the same as not brushing your teeth regularly. You could have significant damages that could've been prevented in the beginning. Here are a few reasons why skipping maintenance is bad for your car and wallet.

Increased Risks of Breakdowns

The consequences of not caring for your car are obvious. Anyone who drives long enough sees it all the time. One broken-down vehicle will sit in the middle of the road and force other cars to change lanes quickly. A total malfunction is likely to happen at any time, causing a major inconvenience and embarrassment to the driver. He or she will be late for work or a major exam and not have a good excuse either.

Higher Repair Bills

A lack of maintenance makes your car more vulnerable to damages. For instance, not changing the oil regularly will cause the engine to overheat and run less efficiently. Not maintaining the engine could be bad for other components in the car if there's a hidden problem not taken care of. That means higher repair bills that are not covered by your car insurance.

In contrast, the cost of car maintenance is less than $100 in most cases. That is more affordable than paying over $1,000 for a small problem that could've been fixed long ago. A checkup is needed only once a year, and if no existing issues are found, the driver has no worries.

Whether you plan to buy a new or used car, the work does not stop at the end of the sale. You must keep up a regular maintenance schedule to avoid making expensive repairs. Keep this information in mind when it's time to make your next purchase or lease. Visit our dealership's website to learn more about our offers at