Ford Transit Trail Camper Van Coming to America  

The Ford Transit Trail is now on its way to being available in America.

The Transit Trail

This new van from Ford is going to go a long way to increase what those interested in traversing America in a van are going to be able to do. It's a Blue Oval van that's been designed to be sporty and to be able to handle off-road options. There are quite a few people out there who are looking for a van just like this that can drive off the beaten path and go wherever you want it to go.

It was announced for sure when the Ford Pro CEO shared the news on his social media pages. The likelihood is that this vehicle will come in November. It's being advertised as a van for adventures that is partially designed for the people focused on motorhomes who like to do everything themselves. There's even been some interest in some electric Ford Transit build options.

The Ford Transit has been overseas in England for a few years now, so there have been rumors for some time that it was crossing the ocean and coming to the United States. That is now confirmed through social media posts.

Information is still not all in about whether the American variant will be just like the Ford Transit Trail one in the U.K., but people are certainly excited about it regardless of how it comes out. People have noticed a similarity between other Ford trucks as well as the Transit Trail. Either way, it's certainly causing a lot of noise in the U.S. as many people wait to see what kind of vehicle Ford is going to come up with and how much they will be able to take advantage of it.

After all, there is an elaborate van culture in the United States who will all be quite interested in vans that might allow them to extend their ability to have adventures just about anywhere in the United States.

More Info

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