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Camelback Ford Lincoln� is proud to announce three new mobile apps for use with your Ford SYNC infotainment system. As the number one Ford SYNC store in the region, Camelback Ford Lincoln� now allows you to enjoy Pandora, Stitcher and Open Beak from the comfort of your own vehicle! Check out all three services below and get connected!

Pandora is a customizable web radio service that allows you to choose an artist or song that you enjoy and receive other musical recommendations based upon that selection.� You can even provide feedback on the songs Pandora recommends so that future suggestions are more specifically tailored to fit your musical preferences.

Stitcher Smart Radio is an on demand podcast and radio app that allows you to put together a list of your favorite radio shows and podcasts for use anywhere, at anytime. Stitcher Radio has hundreds of popular programs and podcasts to choose from, so you'll never have a dull moment on the road! Stitcher also allows users the ability to let the program "stitch" together a set of informational news and podcasts based upon your personal preferences, introducing you to new news programs and information.

Open Beak is the next step in the evolutionary process of the TwitterBerry app. With Open Beak on your BlackBerry device, you'll enjoy hands-free tweets by listening and sending messages through your vehicle's audio speakers. Open Beak is a safe, easy way to tweet on the road!

Camelback Ford Lincoln's Vehicle Technology Specialists� would be happy to give you more information on any of our new Ford mobile apps; we'll even come to your home or office! Our talented technology specialists will guide you through the process of using and downloading any of our innovative mobile apps. If you prefer to learn in a group atmosphere, please visit one of our Saturday morning Ford SYNC classes; we'll walk you through everything you need to do to take advantage of these convenient programs and you might even win a prize!

Camelback Ford Lincoln knows that innovation starts with us and ends with you; schedule an appointment with our Vehicle Technology Specialists� and start using Pandora, Stitcher and Open Beak in your vehicle today!

While winding through the cool pines of northern Arizona, I drove with complete confidence. After rounding a blind curve, the car said, "Destination in 100 feet on the left." Sure enough, within the said distance, the resort appeared in a meadow. Pulling into the driveway, the car said, "You have arrived at your destination." And with that, I thought, I have truly arrived.

Microsoft SYNC is a sophisticated solution to life's challenges. How do I get from point A to point B without having to fumble with a map or print out? SYNC solved that for me handily. With SYNC Services, I simply ask for directions either to a known address or I can do a business search.� With the Resort, I told SYNC the business name and SYNC did the rest simple!

Beyond a simple navigation system, SYNC also offers traffic information for your route or for a saved destination traffic home, for instance. Speaking of saved destinations, you can store up to 25 known points just go to to manage your locations. SYNC will then be able to give you traffic or directions with a simple command ? directions to _____ or traffic to ______.

SYNC Services will also allow you to store a number of Favorites sports teams, news, weather, stock quotes, and even horoscope information! Simply ask SYNC for your Favorites and it will read off your Favorites in the order you chose. For instance, the Phoenix Suns beat the Atlanta Hawks last night?.etc!

Another great feature of SYNC is the media control. From USB audio to Bluetooth streaming, SYNC has no loss of choices for you entertainment needs! For my trip up north, I had a memory stick filled with music, plus Pandora streaming audio on my phone, AND Sirius Satellite Radio! We never had a dull moment on the drive.

SYNC became a welcome companion on our drive, never intrusive or annoying. SYNC was always there with timely information left turn in 200 feet! After a weekend of driving around using SYNC, I am completely hooked!

If you already have a vehicle equipped with SYNC, call Camelback Ford and make an appointment to have a free SYNC training class on how to use all the features.

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