Ford Climate Control

Quite often, you take for granted that you get in the car on a hot day, turn on the AC, and in minutes you're nice and cool. When the air conditioning system breaks, however, you're in for an unpleasant surprise. Many problems can develop in the AC system that causes it to stop working properly. Anything from minor clogs to parts freezing or breaking can cause the air in the cooling system to come out warm, come out cold periodically, or not come out at all. Most people don't have the patience or expertise to diagnose their car's non-working AC system. Fortunately, you can take your car to an expert mechanic, like the service team at Camelback Ford, for repairs.

What does it mean if the car's air conditioning system smells bad when it's turned on?

It might sound surprising, (and gross), but bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms can actually start to grow in your car's AC system. This typically happens when the AC system goes unused for a long period of time, such as during the winter. It can also happen when excess levels of moisture build-up in the system without being removed. Debris can also become lodged in the system, which prevents air and moisture from moving freely. This causes the affected area to remain damp, and it eventually leads to a buildup of bacteria. A mechanic can release the moisture and clean out the system so that it works properly again.

How can you tell if the AC system has a leak?

One of the most obvious signs that your AC system has a leak is if the pressure in the AC system is low. You can refer to the proper pressure range by looking at your car owner's manual.

Another way to check for a leak is to look for an oily stain or puddle beneath the car when it's parked. An oil spot beneath the car often indicates that the refrigerant fluid is leaking.

Leaking refrigerant fluid is a relatively serious problem that needs to be fixed quickly, as it can harm your car's engine and the environment. If you can't tell where the leak is starting, a mechanic can inject special UV dye into the system. The dye becomes illuminated beneath a dark light, which allows the mechanic to see where the leak is originating. Along with the refrigerant fluid, a leak can also start with cracked valves, rusted components, or when the seals around hoses and other components become loose or break.

What causes little or no air to come out of the AC system?

Ford Rear Climate ControlsSometimes, you might turn the AC system on as high as it can go, only to find out that no air comes out at all. Unfortunately, this scenario may mean that one of the mechanical parts in your car's AC system has stopped working. The non-working piece might be the expansion valve, evaporator, compressor, condenser, or any of the tubes and valves in the system. Motors and fans can burn out too, which also prevents air from being distributed through the system and into the cabin.

Some cars, especially modern cars, have a special safety feature that signals components to stop working if there is a mechanical system, or if the pressure in the AC system drops below the minimum amount. A drop in pressure is a good indication of a refrigerant fluid leak. Sometimes, debris and dirt get into the system's parts and stop air from coming out. Whether the problem is due to a mechanical issue or a blockage, you'll need to visit our service center to have the problem corrected.


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