2022 Ford E-Transit  

If you are looking for a van that offers something new and different this year, the 2022 Ford E-Transit is your van. The Ford E-Transit is the latest version of the Ford Transit, which is a best-seller in the category of commercial vans. The E-Transit, however, differs from the regular Ford Transit in one major way, which is its powertrain. You will get all the same performance capabilities and utilitarian features with the 2022 Ford E-Transit that you would with the gasoline-based Transit, even though the E-Transit runs on a hybrid mechanical system rather than gasoline. Ford has produced the E-Transit in three styles for the 2022 model year, and each model is also equipped with an upscale interior, plenty of storage space, and a new large infotainment system that helps you stay connected on the road.

A notable difference for the 2022 Ford Transit model is the switch to a hybrid mechanical system. Rather than using a gasoline engine like its traditional counterpart, the electric Ford Transit gets its power from an electric motor connected to the rear wheels. The motor can reach a respectable 266 HP in maximum power, and it has a healthy torque output of more than 315 LB-FT. The Ford has an automatic transmission and comes with rear-wheel drive. The Ford E-Transit gets about 125 miles in all-electric range with each charge, and it takes about eight hours charging with a 240V charger to reach a full charge with Ford's battery. If you need more power on the road, the Transit is also conveniently equipped with an onboard charger that you can use to power your devices and work tools. Payload varies depending on the type of E-Transit that you get, but you'll get a good payload rating regardless of the body style you get. If you opt for the cargo van, you can expect a top payload rating of 3,800 pounds. That number increases to 4,300 pounds if you get the cutaway 2022 Ford E-Transit.

Along with its sophisticated hybrid system, the Ford E-Transit also comes with a spacious interior, plenty of storage space, and the latest technology that Ford has to offer. The 2022 E-Transit has a new infotainment system this year with a large display screen. The infotainment system also includes navigation to facilitate driving no matter where you are going. The 2022 E-Transit gets Ford's Sync 4 technology, and it has a lane-keep assist, forward collision mitigation, and blind-spot monitoring for safety.

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