Ford Bronco Sport Becomes First Vehicle To Feature Parts Made of 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic  

Ford is now the first automobile manufacturer to utilize plastic from the ocean to create vehicle parts. The wiring harness clips included in the design of the Ford Bronco Sport are made out of plastic harvested from the ocean. Not only did this design provide a more affordable option, but the strength and durability of the product proved to be stronger than their other choices.

Each year, 13 million metric tons of plastic enter into the ocean. This garbage is threatening our marine life, polluting our water, and contributing to pollution on the shores. A large deal of this plastic comes from fishing equipment. Plastic is being collected from the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea for this project, run by DSM Engineering Materials. This isn't the first time a company has used ocean plastic for manufacturing purposes, but Ford is the first auto manufacturer to jump on board.

The Process

DSM will collect the discarded plastic, and it will be washed, dried, and then turned into small pellets. These pellets are molded into the parts that are needed for the construction of the Bronco by Hellermann Tyton. Ford is working closely with other companies to create things like transmission brackets, floor side rails, and much more. This isn't the first time that Ford has used recycled plastic in the design of one of their vehicles, but this is the first time they have used ocean plastic.

Harness Clips

The wiring harness clips Ford designed using this recycled plastic aren't visible to the vehicle owner. They weigh roughly five grams, and they adhere to the sides of the second-row seat. Guide wires attach to the clips and the side airbag setup.

If you would like to learn more about this process of using recycled plastic to clear our oceans of debris or would like to check out the latest model of the Ford Bronco, reach out to Camelback Ford at your convenience. Our staff has plenty of information available on the Bronco and the other Ford models that we have available at this time.

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