Phoenix ToolBank, located in Phoenix, Arizona, provides organizations with the tools they require to create positive and meaningful change for their communities. Tools are made available to charity organizations within local communities to promote volunteerism and social work. To date, Phoenix ToolBank has equipped more than 68,000 volunteers with the tools they need to carry out their volunteering endeavors, which has saved organizations millions of dollars on purchasing their own equipment.

About Phoenix ToolBank

Phoenix ToolBank is a non-profit organization that loans tools to various organizations engaged in hands-on volunteer work. Phoenix ToolBank offers its tools to other non-profit groups in the Phoenix metropolitan region. Phoenix ToolBank has a large inventory of more than 200 kinds of tools stored in a 10,000-foot warehouse. With these resources, Phoenix ToolBank can equip thousands of volunteers at a time with the tools they need for grounds maintenance, construction projects, and more.

Phoenix ToolBank started in 2015 as a subsidiary of ToolBank USA, which is a parent organization located in Atlanta, GA. Although Phoenix ToolBank was inspired by the ToolBank branch in Georgia, it is independently operated and relies on local funding for support.

Tool Lending Program

Through its tool lending program, Phoenix ToolBank provides diverse non-profit organizations with tools and equipment for a small fee. The organization offers its low-cost tool borrowing program to schools, non-profits, charitable and tax-exempt organizations, faith-based groups, neighborhood associations, civic organizations, and more.

Toolbox with assorted tools

How the Program Works

In order to request tools and equipment, prospective organizations first complete an online membership application through the Phoenix ToolBank website. Obtaining membership verifies a recipient organization's non-profit status. A membership fee is not required. After an organization is approved to become a member, it can submit an order electronically for tools. Then, a representative of the organization can schedule a time to pick up all the tools and equipment necessary. Volunteers from Phoenix ToolBank are also on hand to help load equipment into vehicles, and they will assist with unloading tools after the organization's project is complete.


Phoenix ToolBank accepts three categories of donations to carry out its mission: tools, funding, and time. Volunteers, who are a large part of the organization's staff, will receive the necessary training required to handle tools and equipment. Additionally, the organization accepts donations of tools and supplies that are in safe and generally good condition.

For more details on Phoenix ToolBank, visit the organization's website for the latest information.