2023 Ford F-150 Raptor Exterior

The 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor is outfitted with a lot of power. It will be able to tow a lot and carry a lot. Here's more about what we can expect from them.


This vehicle has a similar layout for its design and for the passenger space it has as the previous vehicle called the SuperCrew. It has a 12-inch digital cluster for gauges, and it has even more interior storage space than it had before. There's a new steering wheel as well, which has the laser-etched logo on it. It also has the race car style mark in orange at the top. There are also aluminum paddle shifters behind all the spokes too. The interior trim is the standard aluminum kind.

The raptor also has the option of carbon fiber for the interior accents if you want. There are also the Recaro front buckets if you prefer as well.

2023 Ford F-150 Raptor Interior

Infotainment and Tech

If your focus is instead on how much power in tech you have, there's the 12-inch touchscreen for the dashboard, which gives you a lot of real estate. You also have the Sync 4 standard infotainment system to go with that. There's also the ability to interact with Amazon Alexa and the ability to get over-the-air upgrades as well. You can control this setup with steering wheel controls as well as voice commands.

You have the 18-speaker system from B and O as well. If you want, you can have the Raptor equipped with the 2.0 kW generator as well. This would be in the cargo bed system. You can connect it to a power tool as well as to other equipment if you so choose.

The safety options for this vehicle are significant with the driver to assist technology. On top of this, you have the Trail Control from Ford as well as the Trail 1 Pedal Drive. Both of these systems come standard and help you remain safe, especially in low-speed cruise control situations that have a difficult off-road setting.

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