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What is the Ford Edge Maintenance Schedule?

For your Ford Edge to stay healthy and in top working condition, it will need the occasional visit to a certified Ford mechanic to get a regular tune-up. Ford recommends a Ford Edge maintenance schedule based on certain factors such as the Edge model that you drive, the engine that you use, and the drivetrain in your car. Therefore, the most precise schedule for your Ford is outlined in the owner's manual in your vehicle. You can also ask a mechanic or visit the Ford website to look up recommended maintenance and when you'll need to bring your SUV in.

15,000-Mile Service

After the first oil change, regular Ford Edge service intervals start around 15,000 miles. At this time, you will take your car to a certified Ford technician for a series of service items. The mechanic will change the air filter in the Edge's cabin to make sure the cabin has clean air. The engine's cooling system is also checked. A mechanic will look at the car's exhaust system and its heat shields. The tires will be examined for unusual wear and tread depth. The Edge will also have its wheels and associated parts checked, including the axles, nuts, and ball bearings. The transmission fluid will be checked and replaced if needed.

30,000-Mile Service

At 30,000 miles, you will bring your Ford Edge back for additional service. If your car has a gas engine, it will get an oil refill of about six quarts. The U-joints and rear axle are also inspected, and the car's components will get lubricated if they have grease fittings. The wheels and tires get inspected for drag, wear, and abnormal wear. The tires are checked for condition and refilled if they don't have enough air.

60,000-Mile Service

Both the engine air filter and cabin filter are replaced if your car has them. The half-shaft boots are also checked, along with the heat shields and exhaust system. The vehicle will have its steering linkage evaluated, along with the suspension system, ball joints, and tie-rod ends. The parking brake, rotors, hoses, and drums are also inspected for quality and wear. A Ford technician will look at the Edge's spark plugs and battery for signs of aging.

90,000-Mile Service

When your Edge gets up to 90,000 miles, it will have the oil changed again and a new filter installed in the engine. The cooling system is checked, along with the wheels and tires. The Edge will get a new transmission, brakes, and power steering fluid.

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